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Rin - My new ID by WelcomeToMyFuneral Rin - My new ID by WelcomeToMyFuneral
This is my OC Rin, all dressed up as a little space-walking gothic/lollita/punk chick. Her fringe is usualy wavier and longer, but, she's hit a depressed point receantly so now she has that style fringe, and may cut her hair later on.

Her full name is Rinai Tsukihana, my first ever OC, so I love her.

Name: Rinai Tsukihana (Rin for short, on occasions, Ai-chan (though she may attempt to kill you if you call her that girlified name))
Age: 16 most of the time.
Species: Witchling cross Elemental Neko-oni (Water, Air and Ice)
Height: 5"2
Weight: 44kg
Abilities: Healing, control over her elements, spell-casting (only a few spells though), looking beyond adorable and naive and innocent, wearing funky outfits, and her personal favourit, being annoying but still being able to make you fall in love with her.
Personality: Rin is generaly a very playful, naive girl who has a tendancy to trust too easily and to care too much about people. She is very mothering, nurturing, kind and caring, and will throw herself infront of danger to save a complete stranger, or in one case, she risked getting shot by an enemy who attempted suicide.
Rin is also very artistic and bubbly and loves nature and animals and has a deep bond to nature, so when ever she gets upset she has a tendancy to go on very long walks through forests. The thing is, half the time she doesn't know her way around, so she has a tendancy to get lost and wind up having to get saved. Which brings up another point. She loves to annoy people, but she also seems to always wind up finding trouble and danger, no matter how hard she tries to advoid it.
Past: A few months after Rin was concieved, her father Taleon had to leave in order to keep his wife and his child safe. When she was seven, however, her mother was found and killed, leaving Rin to raise herself. This worked fine for a couple of months, before the police decided that she should have someone to watch over her, so she was placed in a foster family in a different town. Once in her new foster family, she thought she was finaly going to have some love, and some friends, and be happy, but her foster father loved her a little too much, and her foster moth and sisters abused her and made her cook and clean and do all the chores, working as their personal slave. The only time Rin found happiness in her childhood was at school when she was able to hide in the library, though sometimes even that wasn't safe, as thanks to her odd background, the human children could sense the unnatural power within her and took to bullying her.
When she was nine it became too much when one of the older boys, who worked at the butchers, began leaving entrails and pigs heads and slabs of meat in her bag and locker, and even a few times at her house. After that, things grew steadily worse as she spent less and less time at her 'home' and more time in the near by forest with the wild animals. Once this was found out, a few of the older boys took a turn for the worse and began killing the animals she had befriended and leaving them in places in the forest for her to find. The final straw was when Nathan, the boy who worked at the butchers, captured a mother fox and her cubs.
Nathan wasn't just going to leave the bodies to be found this time, oh no, this time he found Rin in the forest and pinned her to a tree before he tied her wrists above her head to a tree branch. Then he brought the family of foxes out and slaughtered them one, by one, starting with the mother and moving down the line from largest to smallest until he was at the runt of the litter, all the while forcing Rin to watch as her little pets were killed in cold blood. Wehn he got to the runt, Rin pleaded with him over and over again for him to stop, not to do this, and as he slashed the pup from throat to tail along its belly, something inside Rin snapped. All she remembered after seeing him slice the pup was pain, and crimson blood, and feeling as if something else were in control of her body. She remembered hearing Nathan's voice, pleaing for her to stop, and then everything went black. When she awoke she was covered in blood with Nathan's bodie laying off near the river. Or, what was left of his body.
After that day, she applied for a scholarship to a university in the mountains far, far away from the town she lived in. She wanted to go and study, to become a scientist and invent things to help people, to make up for what she had done and to prove to herself that she was a kind, gentle person. Once she got in, she left the village and never looked back, but those memories haunt her still, and to this day, she is terrified of the beast that dwells within her, and is terrified of who may get hurt if it gets out.
Other: Thanks to her 'loving' childhood, Rin has no issues with wearing revealing clothing, and if anything, prefers it. This is because she hates feeling tied up or restricted and has a deep need to be free. What she doesn't understand, though, is that men have a tendancy to stare at her body, but once someone else points out to her that men are staring at her curves, she will go bright red and attempt to deny it.
She also has a strong connection to butterflies as they are as free and gentle and kind as she desires to be, but no matter how hard she tries, she just can't. She is always being bound down by something.

Also. This was my first attempt at this style of lineart and colouring, and my first use of textures. Soooo.... Yea. The lips and eyes suck, I know >3< But.... The tummy looks all perdy! 8D
But zeh arms and legs suck as well....
But the boots look aweshem! *w*
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AngelGhidorah Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011
This is really good. Love and Faves.
xdeadbones Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010


Awww, I gots a a tablet~! >A<

And really cute picture <3

she`s so awesome~<3




Why must you be so amazing, plzzzz :U
volkec Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like it! ~ :heart:
xQueen-Sinesthesia Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Student General Artist
HEAVENS THE CUTENESS T o T that outfit is to die for D: <3
WelcomeToMyFuneral Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010
Naw~ Thank you! ^^
And yes yes, I know!
I love her boots~ *makes grabby hands*
I would steal my own creation from my own character!
xQueen-Sinesthesia Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Student General Artist
Totallyyyyy D:
I wish I knew where to find epic boots like that. @.@
Cause I see so many people wear such awesome boots
but I can never find where to buy them D:
WelcomeToMyFuneral Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010

Ebay has everything these days.
xQueen-Sinesthesia Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2010  Student General Artist
I'm scared to trust Ebay XD
Or anyone sellin on the net D:
I dun wanna get ripped off ; w ; </3
BloodandPixieDust Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
ah i lurv this~!:iconiloveitplz:
she kinda reminds meh of vocaloid *o*
WelcomeToMyFuneral Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010
Haha. She does a bit~
BloodandPixieDust Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010
heh yeah, i think it's her costume, kinda reminds meh of magnet n_n
kawaiiKusabana Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
OMG! she is really cure/pretty! she looks more like a fairy at the same time; anyway, luv ur artwork! :)
WelcomeToMyFuneral Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010
Naw~ Thank you! -^^- She was my first ever Chara ;w; *cuddles and smooshes her* Oh how I love her... Yet I torture her so...~
Haha. She should look like a fairy of sorts, since she is tied to butterflies. *pats her on the hed*
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